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Explore the secrets of Western Astrology with our comprehensive list of APIs for natal astrology, wheel chart, synastry, solar return, personalized transits, daily, monthly and yearly forecasts, and more.

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Natal Chart
Wheel Chart
Synastry API
Transit API
Planetary Returns
Moon Phases
Custom PDFs
Custom API

Complete Natal Chart Details

Natal planetary positions, house cusps, natal chart aspects and much more in a single API.

Get dominant element, dominant mode and hemisphere along with moon phase at the time of birth.

We offer both bite-sized contents that you can show in an app for free and detailed interpretation APIs for premium users.

 Natal Chart

Wheel Chart in SVG and PNG Formats

Use one of our default themes for wheel chart or get your exclusive customised natal chart designed from us.

Get creative with your natal chart designs and let us create a custom theme for you.

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Wheel Chart

Transit and Forecast API

Whether you need current sky positions of planets or personalised transits with custom orbs, we have got you covered.

We also offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly personalised transit interpretation APIs.

Transit and Forecast API

Personalised Compatibility API

We cover all aspects of compatibility be it Love, Friendship or Karma & Destiny.

We offer both summarised as well as detailed calculations along with interpretations.

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Compatibility API

Track Moon Phases with API

Whether you want to create a Lunar calendar or simply want to track upcoming Moon phases with their sign, luminosity and other details.

We have got it covered using our APIs.

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Moon Phases with API

Planetary Returns API

Solar Return is the most popular and is covered completely by our SR calculations and interpretations API.

We also offer planetary returns API for Saturn, Node, Jupiter among others.

Planetary Returns API

Personalised and Detailed PDF Reports

Looking for premium reports for your premium users? Look no further, we have premium PDF reports API that are fully customisable as per your branding and theme.

We offer Natal Chart Report, Love Compatibility, Solar Return Report and Life Forecast Report in PDF using Single API call.

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Personalised and Detailed PDF Reports

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