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Astrology API Reference Documentation

Western Compatibility Report/love_compatibility_report/tropical

Get love compatibility report

API Endpoint


Method & URL
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Response Data

    "love_report": [
        "An adventuresome bent is the focus between you two. That experimental flair isn't just confined to your sexual expression, either; any project you work on together is touched by creative magic. You are the idea person and your partner is the one to take them and run with them, making them become real.",
        "This relationship makes you both feel just wonderful, due to a very real and deep sense of love and understanding that has existed between you almost from the start. You instinctively respond to them in a positive way, supporting and protecting them and quickly offering them the precious gift of devotion.They feel as if they're completely accepted and well-loved by you. Essentially, you could be your lover's biggest fan you support their goals and causes in life, and cheer them on as they meet with success in their life.",
        "If you're attracted to each other, that fact alone indicates that there are plenty of positive aspects between you, because this one makes things pretty difficult when it comes to relating naturally as a couple. There is an element of control coming from you to your partner that makes it hard to get along. When you're together, they feel restricted in their romantic expression toward you, and it could come out cold or just stilted.You try to restrain their natural way of being in a relationship.",
        "There is a strong sexual pull between you, which could be quite compelling and it could make you think there's more between you that's worth holding on to than there really is. This aspect is a really difficult one for either of you to handle, as it brings up so much anger, resistance, rebellion and aggression between you. Even if you're ordinarily quite placid, you're provoked more than you might think possible in this relationship!Unless other aspects between you can help create a feeling of understanding and commonality, you have a really hard time getting along together for long except when you're being physically intimate, of course, and even that could take on a dimension of control and aggression that you should try to avoid.",
        "You naturally take a practical view of life; you trust in the things that you can see, touch, feel and otherwise count on in a tangible way. You believe in hard work and responsibility, and anything more abstract than that seems untrustworthy or out-and-out silly to you. But there's a whole other side of things the intangible, the instinctive, even the psychic and your partner has a good grasp on these concepts.They lead with their gut, acting on instinct and reaching out as often with their mind as they do with their hands.",
        "Even if you didn't start out being overly traditional in your values regarding commitment, duty and so on, you became more so in this relationship, in part because of your lover's rebellious insistence on independence. Over time it's become apparent that you need a lot more security within the relationship than your partner does. Neither of these characterizations is exactly fair; it's just that you bring out these qualities in each other, because you're both naturally looking out for yourselves and your own interests in the relationship.",
        "Jealousy, emotional manipulation, possessiveness and control could become major components of this relationship if you're not careful to sort out your feelings right from the get-go. That's when the trouble starts. This kind of emotional extreme can lead the best of us toward urges of possession and manipulation, although dominating each other never brings real satisfaction for either partner."
Params Data type Descriptions

































primary date of birth, eg: 10

primary month of birth, eg: 5

primary year of birth, eg: 1990

primary hour, eg: 11

primary minute, eg: 55

primary latitude, eg: 19.2056

primary longitude, eg: 25.2056

primary timezone, eg: 5.5

secondary date of birth, eg: 10

secondary month of birth, eg: 5

secondary year of birth, eg: 1990

secondary hour, eg: 11

secondary minute, eg: 55

secondary latitude, eg: 19.2056

secondary longitude, eg: 25.2056

secondary timezone, eg: 5.5

                var userId = '';
var apiKey = '';
var data = 'JSON Request Data';
var request = $.ajax({
url: ""+api,
    method: "POST",
    headers: {
    "authorization": "Basic " + btoa(userId+":"+apiKey),
// Returns A promiss
return( request.then( function(resp){
    return resp;
}, function(err){
    return err;
                    require_once 'VedicRishiClient.php';
$userId = "";
$apiKey = "";
$data = array(
    'date' => 25,
    'month' => 12,
    'year' => 1988,
    'hour' => 4,
    'minute' => 0,
    'latitude' => 25.123,
    'longitude' => 82.34,
    'timezone' => 5.5
$resourceName = "astro_details";
$vedicRishi = new VedicRishiClient($userId, $apiKey);
$responseData = $vedicRishi->call($resourceName, $data['date'], $data['month'], $data['year'], $data['hour'], $data['minute'], $data['latitude'], $data['longitude'], $data['timezone']);
echo $responseData;


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