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Astrology API Reference Documentation

Western Life Reports/romantic_personality_report/tropical

Get romantic personaliy report

API Endpoint


Method & URL
Method Full URL

Response Data

    "report": [
        "You can be very emotionally intense as well, sometimes verging toward the jealous or even vindictive side of things. You want nothing more than to be understood by your partner, but you tend to be secretive, preventing them from knowing the real you. ",
        "You are very tenacious and you do not give up or let go of things or people easily. When you feel you have been taken for granted,you donít always confront your lover directly. You are dependable even when you have mood swings. ",
        "You like to make up your mind about someone slowly, rather than just jumping headfirst into things. You love to serve, and will happily spend a long time caressing their back or their feet, stoking those fires slowly in order to build things up to a truly satisfying blaze. ",
        "You're honest, direct and generally fair-minded  which means that while your intentions are good, you can sometimes hurt your partner's feelings without meaning to. Conversations with you are always interesting as you have amazing communication which acts as your strength in your relationship. You are very blunt at times which unintentionally hurts your partner's feelings. ",
        "You are attracted to individuals sharing your idealistic views. You might back down in an argument with your sweetie in order to keep the peace. ",
        "Romantic feelings can be extreme strong inside, while on the surface you appear emotionally distant and reserved. You have a very solid and deep sense of responsibility in romantic attachments and marriage. When it comes to commitment, you are definitely the old-fashioned type. You are a one-love person who is extremely dependable",
        "Your methodical approach to problem-solving can be a real boon to your love. You tend to want and expect more perfection in your relationship than is really possible, which can mean that you're too hard on both your lover and yourself. "
Params Data type Descriptions

















date of birth, eg: 10

month of birth, eg: 5

year of birth, eg: 1990

hour, eg: 19

minute, eg: 55

latitude, eg: 19.2056

longitude, eg: 25.2056

timezone, eg: 5.5

                var userId = '';
var apiKey = '';
var data = 'JSON Request Data';
var request = $.ajax({
url: ""+api,
    method: "POST",
    headers: {
    "authorization": "Basic " + btoa(userId+":"+apiKey),
// Returns A promiss
return( request.then( function(resp){
    return resp;
}, function(err){
    return err;
                    require_once 'VedicRishiClient.php';
$userId = "";
$apiKey = "";
$data = array(
    'date' => 25,
    'month' => 12,
    'year' => 1988,
    'hour' => 4,
    'minute' => 0,
    'latitude' => 25.123,
    'longitude' => 82.34,
    'timezone' => 5.5
$resourceName = "astro_details";
$vedicRishi = new VedicRishiClient($userId, $apiKey);
$responseData = $vedicRishi->call($resourceName, $data['date'], $data['month'], $data['year'], $data['hour'], $data['minute'], $data['latitude'], $data['longitude'], $data['timezone']);
echo $responseData;


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