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Hindu Calendar is also referred to as 'Panchanga' as it includes the five elements of timekeeping viz. tithi, nakshatra, yog, karan and vaar. The Hindu calendar includes elaborate mathematical calculations and takes into consideration the sidereal movements of heavenly bodies like the Sun and the Moon. There are different variations of Hindu calendar such as Vikram Samvat Calendar, Saka Calendar, etc.

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Sunrise/Sunset Calculations

vedic astrology calculationPanchang Features

Five Elements

  • Tithi Details
  • Nakshatra Details
  • Yog Details
  • Karan Details
  • Day & Date Details

Rise & Set Timings

  • Sunrise Timings
  • Sunset Timings
  • Moonrise Timings
  • Moonset Timings
  • Hindu Calculations

Month & Year Details

  • Amant Month Name
  • Purnimanta Month Name
  • Vikram Samvat
  • Shak Samvat
  • Ayan & Ritu Details

Panchang Timings

  • Abhijeet Muhurta
  • Rahu Kaalam
  • Yamghanta Kaalam
  • Gulik Kaalam
  • Nakshatra & Disha Shool

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